"Spellcheck didn’t catch it"

“Spellcheck didn’t catch it” is a common phrase heard for mispelled words in e-mails and documents. In fact, I’ll probably use it a great deal in this blog. I mean, who has time to actually read what you’re writing? Especially communications professionals or college students learning to become communications professionals (please note the sarcasm).

So, every once in awhile, I’ll share some real-life, sometimes funny misspellings that have come across my desk and desktop. Of course, these misspellings were not committed by anyone at c21. Mainly they’re gathered from a friend of mine who teaches business communications and public relations classes at a metro Atlanta university. She’s trying to rectify the “spellcheck” problem, but there is only so much one person can do.

A recent example she provided to me … Felling. Used in a sentence, “I’m felling this class. What should I do?” Keep in mind, Atlanta is in the South, but I’m not sure if she even answered this student.

There are many resources available for the spelling and/or grammar challenged. A good one in book form and online is Paul Brian’s Common Errors in English Usage. And, of course, there are numerous online dictionary resources.

For a little chuckle about software spelling checkers, check out Jerrold Zar’s poem “Owed to the Spelling Checker.”

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