Henry is Coming!

Henry is finally coming – that’s right, Henry Moore and his famous bronze sculptures are coming to the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s fifth major art exhibition (I’m talkin’ MAJOR as in GIGANTIC) since 2004. These bronze sculptures will begin to take their place in the Garden’s 15 magnificently manicured acres in the heart of our city starting today. c21 is partnering with the Garden to tell Moore’s story—helping provide more news, more scoop, more events, more hoopla through a donation of our time for marketing PR support.

Here’s the deal—these 20 sculptures weigh anywhere from 300 lbs. to 12 tons (that’s about the size of Ralph, Atlanta’s whale shark at the Aquarium). Henry created each piece by hand from natural, green products like bronze and granite, in the serenity of the English landscape outside Hampstead. These massive structures, which have previously been on exhibit at only London’s Kew Gardens and The New York Botanical Garden, are arriving on trucks where gargantuan cranes will lift them up into the sky and place them on custom stone slabs architecturally designed to manage their weight and display their beauty against the backdrop of one of America’s top 10 gardens.

While Henry is gone, his work lives on. When the Garden opens on May 5, I’ll be there to welcome Henry for his last dance in the United States. It’s America’s last chance to see Henry’s 20 sculptures together in one exhibition before his gifts return to London and are dispersed to various owners forever. You’ve got 158 days to climb into his “Hill Arches” arms and photograph your child against Henry’s 10-foot bronze “Oval with Two Points.” While at the Garden, tour the new LEED-certified Hardin Visitor Center, learn about their award-winning conservation efforts and more (or Moore as Henry would prefer…).

Let’s explore more, see more, do more. See you in the Garden!

One response to “Henry is Coming!

  1. I saw this event over the weekend — Words can’t describe how inspiring the sculptures are.

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