Marketing on a Shoestring Budget (continued)

Here are the remaining c21 tips for marketing on a shoestring budget.  When every dollar counts, these tips will help you maximize your resources.

5.) Keep an eye on trends, and play into pop culture as appropriate.  Popular music, movies and icons can be a great way to relate to your audience.  For example, c21 recently started a lively Facebook discussion for University House on favorite scenes from the movie The Hangover.

4.) Sometimes going against the grain can make you stand out.  Not following the standard also can draw attention to your message.  For example, while most accounting firms use a color scheme of cream and black or navy, c21 helped Mauldin & Jenkins break the mold with a palette of yellows and light blues – giving it a more contemporary look than its competitors.

3.) Let people to participate.  Social media makes it easy to engage your audience instead of just sending them one-way messages.  Ask questions, genuinely listen to the answers to gain valuable feedback and begin conversations.

2.) Capitalize on word of mouth.  Don’t be afraid to ask your audience to tell their friends about you, and make sharing information easy with Forward to a Friend links, Facebook activity, Tweets and more. 

1.) Measure!  You’ll never know what’s working unless you measure.  Use measurement tools like Google Analytics, tracking from e-mail marketing and social media programs, new business inquiries and more to monitor and tweak your campaigns.

One response to “Marketing on a Shoestring Budget (continued)

  1. My comments here are based on my experience in the Restaurant, Hospitality and Service industries. So far, these businesses have been using Email Marketing for customer loyalty and retention and brand development. Mobile marketing has gained lot of traction in the last few years. Social Media Marketing has been new to this industry and marketing departments are scrambling to catch up to it.

    I founded a company Sterizon that now specializes in bringing Email, Mobile and Social Media Marketing in a single package right to the customer doorstep while the customer is at the place of business. We do it using a wireless, WiFi handheld gadget called Sterizon wiZit.

    Social Media is here to stay, so, businesses might as well embrace it and use it to their advantage.

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