It’s Just Wrong On So Many Levels – What Not To Do With Internet PR

I don’t have a love of working out, but I know I have to do it.  So in the past year, I have found ways to enjoy it on my quest to get in better shape for a real dance class – which is where my true “workout” passion lies.  One of the ways I have found is to walk on Saturday mornings listening to my favorite NPR shows Car Talk with Click and Clack the Tappett Brothers, and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me – the NPR News Quiz show.  If you have not listened to either – I highly recommend them.  Oh, and of course, my Wii Fit.  However, I digress.  Click and Clack often talk about their “Shameless Commerce Division” where loyal listeners can buy stuff.  They are upfront about it and  are credible – both MIT grads and mechanics by trade.  If I wanted to buy something, I would – just because they’re funny and their show is highly enjoyable – especially when they make callers recreate the noise their car is making. 

Yet, yesterday morning I saw a press release so shameless it beats any hocking Car Talk does.  The release title – please note the spelling of Atlanta – reads “Altanta SEO Marketing Super Woman Jane Doe (the name has been changed to protect the offender) announces her engagement.”  I checked my calendar – it was September 29 – not even close to April Fool’s Day.  And so I was convinced this was real, as it ran in Atlanta dbusiness – a resource for Atlanta business news. 

dbusiness headline

When I clicked through to see what this ‘super woman’ and her “long-time beau and business partner” had put together from a company perspective,  I saw the following  on their home page.  Really – you can’t make this up. 





All the super powers in the world won’t magically fix coding errors as seen on their own page.

The combination of public relations and the Internet can be a powerful and positive tool when used for good and not evil (and not for silly announcements).  I’m not saying that celebrations aren’t wonderful and necessary, especially in this economy, but know your audience and deliver the appropriate messages to them. 

When you’re looking for a marketing PR and interactive firm to partner with, do your research.  Know what companies are doing for themselves as well as clients.  It’s important.

One response to “It’s Just Wrong On So Many Levels – What Not To Do With Internet PR

  1. I have been doing the exact same thing for years! One does not even have to own a car to become thoroughly engaged by the patter of these two car geeks. And Wait Wait has the best on their toes comedy talent around. Almost makes exercising fun! As for coding errors, as a graphic designer heavy on the print side, I leave the web development of my designs to the pros.

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