Say What? Facebook Promotion Guidelines

Have you heard the buzz around Facebook’s recently announced promotional restrictions?  c21 breaks it all down:

  • The scoop:  Promotions (sweepstakes in which a winner is selected at random or contests in which a winner is determined through judging) must receive written approval by Facebook.
    The solution:  c21 has a Facebook account representative dedicated to reviewing and approving our clients’ promotions.  The approval process can take up to seven days.
  • The scoop:  Promotions can be administered only through an application on the Facebook page.
    The solution:  c21 has an arsenal of application developers who can develop simple photo or video upload applications, or complex custom applications.  c21 also can counsel you on cost-effective ways to execute a viral campaign outside of Facebook (campaigns can still be promoted on Facebook to engage fans).

Other items to consider:

  • Facebook promotions cannot be marketed to individuals under the age of 18.
  • Entry to the promotion cannot require taking any action on Facebook (becoming a Facebook fan, updating a status, uploading a photo, etc.).

The full set of guidelines can be found by clicking here.  There will be modifications to the existing guidelines (including retracting the broad prohibition against contests and sweepstakes that promote dairy products), and we will provide updates as they become available.  Need more details now?  E-mail our c21i experts at

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