Digital Marketing Series Recap

Coke filmed this Happiness Machine video with a FlipVideo and generated more than 1.5 million YouTube views in one month.  But as Chris Tuff of 22squared will share with you, social media isn’t necessarily about the number of YouTube views – it’s about advocacy.  Here are some other takeaways from the 2/4 American Marketing Association’s Digital Marketing Series that c21 attended:

–          Think Google rules the world? Recommendations from friends on social networks trump Google.  Have you noticed the search engine giant is changing its algorithm to accommodate this shift?  Do a quick search and you’ll now see real-time tweets, and have the option to comment on or “promote” a particular organic search result.

–          The components of a successful social media program are Test (experiment with sites, placements, creative), Define (know your objectives before you launch so you can accurately measure success), Learn (share project takeaways with your client and your internal team) and Optimize (refine and repeat your success).

–          Listen.  Learn.  Act.  You can’t develop a social media strategy without first listening to your fans – and your enemies.

Take a look at other impressive stats by viewing Chris Tuff’s presentation.

One response to “Digital Marketing Series Recap

  1. Chris Tuff also spoke about social media at the AMA-Atlanta Collegiate Conference 2010. He has some very good insights on the topic. Thanks for the link to his presentation!

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