Is the Burger Getting Like Beyonce?

BurgersWhat do burgers and Beyonce have in common?  Well, I guess if you’re a straight male they might both be considered delicious.  However, if you’re everyone else, you might say they are overexposed – and by that I mean you can’t escape either – they are everywhere.

Now I love a good hamburger, and who doesn’t.  It’s Americana.  Burgers are simple and when cooked to perfection, extremely delicious.  But do we need 10 new restaurants in Atlanta devoted to this tasty hunk of meat?  I wonder.  What drove this phenom of burger overexposure?  Was it the clever marketing of quick serve restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King (which I am still boycotting based on the creepy King commercials, even though I know they are not meant for me but for 18-year-old boys)?  Was it the chains like Johnny Rockets or Five Guys Burger and Fries?  Or are chefs just getting tired of duking it out on shows like Top Chef and Iron Chef and long for the days of simple, basic cooking?  I cannot say with any certainty. 

What I do know is that Beyonce, and the marketing machine behind her, has dialed her exposure back a notch, and the result is that I want to see her next video and hear her next song – versus immediately changing the channel or dial.  In the same vein, I beg chefs everywhere to think twice about opening another burger joint.  Please don’t market the burger to death so that people stop eating them!  That would be un-American!

With that said – here are some of my faves:

  1. In and Out – just tried it in April – the bun is perfectly toasted and crunches when you take a bite – OMG delish.
  2. Johnny Rockets – and the music reminds me of my mom.
  3. Googie Burger – if you haven’t tried this new place in Centennial Park, check it out!  The fries are amazing.

If I can, I still want to try Farm Burger, Flip and Grindhouse…but we’ll see…

Is it just me or are you burgered out yet?


3 responses to “Is the Burger Getting Like Beyonce?

  1. I must say Holeman & Finch has one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten! They only serve it after 10 p.m. and you have to get there early to “reserve” one but man is it worth it.

  2. I don’t think I can ever get burgered out, but I definitely can’t keep all of the new burger restaurants straight. Flip is good, but The Burger Club has a Georgia Burger that’s delish! Atkin’s Park is also following suit with a new burger menu — but even if they weren’t the first, the pimento chesse and fried green tomato burger is awesome!

  3. I’ve been burgered out before! Usually when that happens I take a 1 to 2 month break, but then I’m back it again. I absolutely love the Vortex – its my favorite burger joint hands down. The fries are delicious and I love their laid back and alternative personality.

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