Welcome New Facebook Page Layout

You may have noticed that Facebook began rolling out the redesign of all Pages a few weeks ago, but as of March 10 every Page has been moved. Yes – Like it or not!

The new design makes Pages look more like user profiles. The goal, according to Facebook, is to create a more cohesive experience across the platform. To be honest, I wasn’t a fan (pun intended) at first, but after a deeper look into the new features, there are a lot of cool things happening.

  1.  Interact as the Page: One of the biggest changes, and in my opinion the best, is the ability for Page administrators to log in as the Page itself. This allows admins to post and comment on behalf of the Page on other Pages and even on personal profiles (however those profiles’ privacy settings must be set to “everyone” in order to do this).
  2. News Feeds: Pages now have their own News Feed, which I find rather handy. You can now easily see what the Pages your Page “Likes” are posting and can in turn Like, Comment on or Share those posts.
  3. Feature Admins: You also can highlight the Page owners/admins if you choose too. It’s smart because it “puts a face” behind the brand and makes it more personal; however I personally prefer to stay behind the curtain. This feature is something to think about, and depending on your audience Feature Admins may help personalize your brand.
  4. Facebook PicturesPictures: Just like your personal profile, company pages now feature the most recent photos at the top of the page. To see some creative uses of this feature, click here. It will be a little more difficult for pages to create these unique looks, but I think it will encourage Page admins to not only monitor what pictures are posted, but also post more frequently to prevent the page from looking boring and stagnant.
  5. Tabs: The biggest negative to this new Page layout is that tabs are now less prominent. Instead of being across the top, they have been moved to the left under the Page’s profile picture. Facebook has also made the move from FBML to iFrames. Positive: iFrames offer much more customization than FBML. Negative: iFrames are more complicated than FBML. Don’t worry if you already have a FBML tab up, it will still work, but as of March 11 you won’t be able to add the FBML app.

It may take some time to become completely comfortable with the changes (I still struggle remembering where the tabs are located now), but with these changes there is a lot of potential for companies to really personalize their Pages and engage with Fans. What do you think about the new changes?

Want more background? Read these.

– Telleen Anderson-Lozano

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