If you thought logos don’t matter, well…

you’d be wrong. In a great short article by Tim Manners in Reveries: Cool News of the Day, it consolidates a series of experiments conducted by Rob Nelissen and Marijn Meijers of Tilburg University.  The research “examined people’s reactions to experimental stooges who were wearing clothes made by Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger” in an attempt to determine if people judge others by the quality of the logos they wear. Time and again, the answer was yes. In fact, in a final experiment, the researchers gauged the level of trust between people who did and didn’t wear logos. The outcome? If you wear a fancy logo, you are more trustworthy.

This might be disheartening for those brands that are not seen as the highest quality or price…that is until you learn that when subjects were informed that the logoed shirt had been given to the other participant, it [the brand] lost its power to impress.  Must you “earn” the brand and its associated perception?

I wonder how this may play out in a presidential candidate race. News media tout the high quality and luxury Trump brand – but if Donald Trump makes a run for The White House, will his brand continue to impress and sway?

What brands impress you? Do you perceive your favorite brands as high quality? Do you have other reasons? Tell us what you think.

One response to “If you thought logos don’t matter, well…

  1. This is really interesting. I’m well aware people to judge you on the way you look in the clothes you wear rather but it never really crossed my mind that the actual brand would come into play, especially for those pieces of clothing that don’t have a logo splattered on every corner. So often I gain trust or am impressed by the way people present themselves more than anything. I guess that can go back to the brand of clothes they are wearing, but that shouldn’t be the main focus. Who knew opinions would change based on things bought or given though; what about clothes birthday presents?
    What impresses me are not the brands, but the presence of an overall professional appearance.

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