Signs You Work in Public Relations…Continued.

Last week, c21’ers came across a funny list – 11 Signs You Work in Public Relations. We decided to take it upon ourselves to compile our own list full of 21 quirky little things most of us do on a daily basis. Don’t worry. #WeKeepItClassy. (See #8)

  1. You feel obligated to open and click an email you signed up for even if you know you aren’t interested just to help the brand with the open and click-through rates.
  2. You copy edit road signs and menus.
  3. You threw your hands up in the air and shouted, “FINALLY!” when AP Stylebook changed “e-mail” to “email”.
  4. When you are out and about and you meet someone who works in “media” you instantly start thinking which client you could pitch.
  5. You have a shelf at your desk solely dedicated to snacks.
  6. You consider a thesaurus one of your closest companions.
  7. You sometimes think you might be slightly busier than the President of the United States when you take a look at your weekly calendar in Monday morning staff meetings.
  8. You catch yourself creating clever hashtags whenever possible. And then you feel proud.
  9. You refer to time in 15 minute billing increments, such as – I’ll be there in .25 or I ran for .75 today.
  10. You publicly profess your love of grammar on a regular basis.
  11. You feel obligated to respond to the email and Facebook messages of your favorite brands to tell them why they are out of compliance with best practices, CAN-SPAM or Facebook’s Terms of Use.
  12. You snicker at typos in your client’s competitors’ emails.
  13. You plan events in your head…all night long.
  14. You find it hard to say “no” to any nonprofit…they all seem worthy and in desperate need for PR help.
  15. You always have a bowl of assorted chocolates in the break room.
  16. You have heated arguments with people who “just don’t see the point” of Facebook and/or Twitter.
  17. Before you tell your friends a story about your weekend, you ask yourself “Is this local, prominent, timely or novel? And does it involve conflict, loss of life or a major impact?”
  18. When you plan a vacation, you immediately think about what media market you’re traveling to.
  19. You set up Google alerts for anyone, anything, EVERYTHING that has a connection to your client.
  20. You read/watch the news and imagine how you would have crafted the pitch.
  21. You know your coworkers really REALLY well. After all, you specialize in COMMUNICATION.

–          Alex


2 responses to “Signs You Work in Public Relations…Continued.

  1. This is fantastic! I particularly love numbers 5, 8 and 16!

  2. Love this! Even though I’m not in PR anymore, I still find that these apply – and probably will for the rest of my career.

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