SPAM Strikes Again

Not that kind of SPAMNo, I’m not talking about getting a second serving of the canned “meat” but rather the spam that can take over your inbox if you aren’t careful. I recently shared a blog post about being CAN-SPAM compliant but I wanted to share even more tips on how to ensure your emails are not flagged as SPAM!

Even emails that are CAN-SPAM compliant can still be marked as spam by certain ISPs and mail clients. Every company is different, but here are a few techniques to help you make it to the inbox.

  1. Images: Avoid using too many images or just one large jpeg. Many mail providers default to not download images, thus prompting users to have to take action to see your email. If you have too many images, or don’t have compelling text, recipients may decline. If it is one large image, they won’t see anything and may delete the email thinking there wasn’t information available or that it will take too long to download. One-image emails also do not render as well on mobile devices. With more and more people using their mobile phones for email, this is extremely important.
  2. A/B Testing: Send the same email with different subject lines or from names to test which garners the best results. This is most effective when you have a large enough list to be able to test to a percentage of recipients and then send the top performing mailing to the rest of the list.
  3. Text Version: This isn’t required to be CAN-SPAM compliant but it definitely ensures your recipients receive your message.  Some people prefer the text only version and some mobile phones default to it as well, so why not optimize this feature? Text versions are just that – no images, no design, just text. You should keep it short and simple but also include links when important. It is also a good practice to use a link shortener, so the link doesn’t take up the majority of the email.
  4. Attachments: Never include attachments but rather link out to relevant information. An article I recently read sums it up best, “Attachments are a kiss of death for mass marketing email.”
  5. Calendar: Develop an email marketing campaign calendar that spaces out every send you would like to do. You don’t want to overload your list, which could prompt many to unsubscribe or mark as spam.

No one likes spam and you definitely don’t want to be known as a spammer, so be sure to follow the rules and implement these helpful tips. And as always, if you think your email marketing could use some improvements, contact c21.

Telleen– Telleen

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