Weiner Spirit

I thought about drafting a blog post yesterday when I saw the first Spirit Airlines email slip into my inbox with the following subject line “Want to see our Weiner?”  But as normal, I got busy and didn’t get to it.  However, when I received a second email today with the subject line “The Weiner Sale Expansion – Bigger and Better!”  I was moved to write. 

Now, here is a company that charges to be a member of their airline club in that, you can’t access their $9 fares unless you pay for an annual membership.  In addition, you pay for everything else – baggage, seat selection – maybe even walking onto the jetway.  This model may appeal to some (mostly college students and seniors who have the time to fly at odd times to off beat destinations, etc.), but for most, Spirit is not an airline you would use for business travel.  However, based on the email campaigns I might consider it now.

Spirit figured out how to boost their email open rates by using a “trending topic” for its subject line, which makes them smart marketers (and I like smart marketers).  With all the news focused on Anthony Weiner’s weiner – using “weiner” in the subject line was a brilliant move.  While the content of both emails was a stretch… (Check out our BIG Weiner Sale boasting fares just too hard to resist! This scandalous sale is no secret so get socially connected with fares from just $9* each way, based on roundtrip purchase! Hurry to book now before this sale gets hacked!) – I opened it solely because of the subject line – where as most times, I just hit delete.

Email marketing continues to lead the way as the number one marketing tool, and when used correctly (A/B testing, subject line relevance, etc.)  – it can be tremendously successful in driving current customers and prospects to your website. 

A big round of applause goes to Spirit’s email marketing masters.  Hope you get a boost in “weiner riders.”

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