Live Tweeting Tips for Trade Show Warriors

Been to any good trade shows lately? If you’re a sales person, you’ve probably been to more shows than you can count, even if you wouldn’t consider them all good. One of my c21 PR clients recently asked for some tips for live-tweeting from a show where he would be working the company booth. Please see details from our exchange below and let us know your live-tweeting tips!

  • Be sure to use the show’s hashtag in your posts – if one exists.
  • Also use more general hashtags related to your conference topic like #healthcare  #marketing #housing
  • Tweet your booth number or location.
  • Twitpic whenever possible! Images from your booth and other exhibitors/speakers you find interesting during the show will likely be interesting to other people.
  • @ mention individuals/organizations you meet throughout the show.
  • I know you’ll be busy at the booth, but if you hear any interesting interest stats from the presenters that is always good Twitter fodder.
  • @reply to welcome any new followers you pick up during the show. This one can wait until end of day, but it’s a great way to maintain activity on your feed without really saying anything.


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