PRSA|GA Shadow Day comes to c21

On October 6, c21 participated in the Georgia Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America’s Shadow Day by hosting two University of Georgia graduate students. The following are blog entries about their experience in our office and why they love the PR profession.

Small agencies are the place to be

After making our nail-biting trek down 78 from Athens, my classmate, Joy, and I turned onto North Highland Ave into this quiet, little pocket of town (disclaimer: I am not from Atlanta and am continuously amazed at all of the quaint little areas that are nothing like…well 285) with a comfortable mix of new and old, residential and commercial. Now this is the Atlanta I want to experience!

Welcom to c21Over the next couple of hours at communications 21, we met each member of the team and learned not only about their clients, but also how each of their skill sets work together to best serve the clients’ needs. There are no silos here—there is a great support system in place and collaboration is key. We experienced this for ourselves when we sat in on a brainstorming session for a new client pitch.

I think the most important attribute of a work environment is a collaborated team; that is the top goal for my next career venture. I need (yes, need) a culture of creative collaboration.   At c21 collaboration was a reoccurring theme mentioned by each team member.  Most of my past professional experience has been in a corporate environment where I was a team of one. This often left me feeling a little isolated when it came to creative strategy. 

I also realized today that while my experience and formal education are in advertising, I don’t think PR is out of the question. Especially an agency like c21 where there is more going on than the stereotypical press release. Email marketing, social media, analytics, event planning, PPC….wait, sign me up!

So like the headline reads—it appears small agencies are the place to be—that was my takeaway from my PRSSA|GA Shadow Day experience at c21. Thanks for a great experience!

Elizabeth Hagin is a second year graduate student at the University of Georgia and hails from Marion County, Ga.

Gaining a real world PR perspective

As a second year graduate student studying public relations and social media at the University of Georgia’s Grady College, I am happy to have the fantastic opportunity to experience “a day in the life” at c21.  It truly deepened my understanding of the real PR world beyond textbooks and papers.

My undergraduate studies were in telecommunications: video/film production and journalism. After thinking about the different creative processes including films, TV shows commercials, I realized that much of their successes and failures involved more than their quality as a product. It involved many factors including advertising, marketing and absolutely PR. Learning about the effects of PR campaigning is what really made me see the significance of building relationships between consumers and products. What I really like about the PR field is the wide range of responsibilities and duties involved in the job. I feel that PR is fresh and new on a regular basis especially after my visit to c21 today. I would like to pursue my career in agency environment rather than at a corporation because I would like to gain diverse hands-on experience and participation in various accounts.

We ended the day with cupcakes and Q&A!

My adventure today at c21 not only allowed me to have direct conversations with all of the agency’s passionate PR practitioners, but also gave me the opportunity to participate in a brainstorming session for a potential new client! So now, I can easily see the power and importance of PR and the need to pursue it as a career. Although PR can often be a stressful profession, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem at c21 due to the agency’s friendly and supportive environment. Plus, we had cupcakes!

Joy Li He recently moved to the United States from China, and is a second year graduate student at the University of Georgia.


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