Holiday Ads: The Naughty and Nice

A recent Advertising Age article lists Best Buy’s holiday commercials as some of this season’s best, but I cringe every time I see one.  These ads are based on the premise that Best Buy, with all of its great gifts, renders Santa Claus useless.  Personally, I’m a big fan of Santa, so any commercial that makes him look bad goes on my naughty list.

With daily news reports on the dreary state of the economy, politics, business, real estate and so on, we could all use a little Santa-style hope and magic.  My holiday plea?  Let Santa do what he does best – spread joy and cheer – and stop turning the holidays into a competition.

So what commercials are on my nice list?  Frankly, no holiday ads are stand outs, but I’m loving this Travelers Insurance Puppy Love spot.

Tell me, which ads are making your holidays merry and bright?

Renee Spurlin– Renee Spurlin, director

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