10 Things We’ve Learned as c21 Interns

Since September, Kristi Niro and Michelle Odakura have been interning at c21. The following blog entry is about their experience working with the c21 team.

1. Every move you make should be recorded in 15-minute increments. We’re not joking. When you go home at night and think to yourself, “I just spent .25 of an hour cooking dinner,” you’ll understand where we’re coming from.2. There are only two colors in the c21 rainbow – purple and red. Teamwork plays an important role in c21’s success. Each c21er is on either the Purple Team or Red Team.

3. Bring your kid to work day can be any day, and you don’t have to bring a human child. We’re all huge pet lovers at c21, and sometimes our furry friends make guest appearances at the office!

4. Pitching a story takes more practice than pitching in the World Series. Selling a story idea to the media can be tough, and like any “sport,” practice makes perfect!

5. Delivering client holiday gifts is like playing a real-life game of Tetris. Getting 42 packages into Michelle’s car was pretty tricky, but we managed to make them all fit.

6. When in doubt, tweet about it. At c21, we’ve learned how to use social media to reach out to the public and get attention for our clients.

7. Cision is the “Who’s Who” of the media world. We’ve learned to use Cision to gather critical information for client media lists and reporting.

8. Wearing a tutu to work is perfectly acceptable “business casual” attire. Kristi rocked a sparkly red tutu for our tacky sweater holiday party.

9. Photoshop can be used for good, not just evil. While some magazines have been known to use Photoshop to alter appearances, we’ve created designs to benefit our clients’ marketing needs.

10. The Associated Press put the dash in email, and then took it out.

All jokes aside, interning for c21 has been a unique learning experience for us both. We’ve been given the opportunity to work with clients on tasks such as email marketing, social media, media relations, design and more. Every assignment hasn’t necessarily been easy, but the c21 team has been very supportive and has actually made learning fun. While we know how to use the scanner and where to get the mail, neither of us has ever gone on a coffee run. Interning for c21 has given us hands-on experience in the PR industry and prepared us for our future careers.

–      Kristi Niro and Michelle Odakura

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