Being Social Requires Work

Part of my daily/weekly routine at c21 is gathering articles from the Internet to post to our clients’ social media sites. Not only does this allow me to stay updated on current events, but I also come across articles that give tips and advice for using social media.Image

I’ve always heard how helpful social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can be for business, but it wasn’t until I started interning here that I realized the actual connections a business can make with its consumers through social media. After pouring through hundreds of articles during my tenure here, I’ve found one underlying theme: Your company’s social media impact will only be as big as the time you devote to it.

It isn’t enough to simply have a Facebook page or to tweet occasionally on company news. Businesses connect with people by regularly posting pictures, community events, and thought-provoking articles interspersed with company news. This regularity, along with intriguing content, creates a connection with your audience that peaks their interest and provides them with entertainment as well.

My advice: set a designated time during each week or each day to devote to developing social media content. For example, every day at 11AM, I find three articles for one of our clients to post on Twitter and Facebook that day, and every Thursday at 1 PM I develop two weeks’ worth of Twitter content for another client. Not only does this allow me to stay organized with all that I have going on, but it also allows me to sit down and focus solely on developing the best content I can for that specific client.

Another key to developing relevant, quality social media content is to regularly scan news sites and publications for current events and breaking news. Tying news into the client’s business is a great way to establish the company as a thought-leader. Not only that, but it keeps the tweets and posts news-worthy in this age of being able to easily access information. These two simple strategies provide a great foundation for developing quality social media content.

Need more examples? Read these two cases of individuals making concerted efforts to showcase their brands online and being rewarded with astonishing results. Check them out here and here.

In closing, social media is a great tool for businesses if the right amount of time is devoted to its development. It provides businesses and consumers a two-way communication channel with almost complete transparency. Take some time each day/week to develop content you think will connect with your audience. The beauty of social media is that it’s a blank canvas for your company to show its personality, so stay creative!

Randy Spoon is an intern here at c21 and a recent graduate of the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in marketing. While in school, he was an active member of the American Marketing Association at UGA.

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