21 Things You Don’t Know About the c21 Team

In honor of our 21st anniversary, we thought we’d tell you some things that few people know about us.  Click through to each of the links to find out the c21er behind the “secret,” or check out our update later this week to learn the answers.

  1. Which c21er has more than eight nicknames, including Widge and Veev?  In fact, at home and among friends she’s rarely called by her given name, which is what we use around the office.
  2. This c21er has a goal of singing the National Anthem at a sporting event.  Perhaps since the NCAA is a client, we could make that happen!
  3. Which c21er is visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World this year, hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu?
  4. In high school, this c21er was the captain of the varsity golf team and made it to the state championship tournament … all without ever breaking 100.
  5. Which c21er doesn’t know the difference between the greater than and less than symbols, no matter how many times she’s been shown the alligator trick?
  6. This c21er broke the Boston Red Sox 86-year curse.  Well, rather, she moved to Boston just months before they won the World Series, and thinks she had an influence. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had the same effect on Atlanta teams since moving here.
  7. Which c21er is a reality TV show junkie, and admits that the worse it is, the better the odds that she’s watched it?
  8. This c21er grew up on a 400-acre farm, growing green beans, soy beans, feed corn and tobacco and raising beef cattle.
  9. Have you spotted this team member eat her potato chips and French fries in order of size – smallest to largest?
  10. Which team member had a childhood friend who later became Miss America?
  11. You won’t see this team member sampling food or drinks at stores – they just can’t be trusted!
  12. Which c21er shares a birthday with Elvis, David Bowie, Stephen Hawking and R. Kelly?
  13. This team member has watched her favorite sports team win three championships with the same two friends, and they always take the same photo together after each win.
  14. Which c21er is a huntress, specifically for deer, turkey and hogs?
  15. Which team member was named after a character on “Miami Vice,” but only found out about her namesake this month?
  16. This c21er is a true marketer.  She won a contest by Flying Dog Brewery to develop a slogan for one of their new beers.  You’ll have to ask her about her winning entry offline.
  17. Which c21er knows every word to Warren G’s Regulate, and much to her grandparents’ dismay, demonstrated this on the mic at her wedding?
  18. Which c21er won a dance contest in college, and still has the $100 bill that was the prize?  (The other half of the prize – a $200 bar tab – didn’t last more than 24-hours!)
  19. Which c21er is a certified massage therapist?
  20.  This c21er’s brother got to select her middle name.  What did he choose?  The name of his crush at the time (he was in second grade), but he spelled it wrong!
  21. Bonus question:  How many tattoos does the c21 team have collectively?

Feel free to send us your guesses on Facebook or Twitter, and we’ll post the answers later this week.

– Compiled by Renee Spurlin, vice president of client services

One response to “21 Things You Don’t Know About the c21 Team

  1. That’s a fun way to show off the staff!

    There were a lot of long sleeves in the profile pictures, and now I’m wondering how many tattoos are lurking under there… 🙂

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