c21 Heads to SouthWiRED

SouthWiRED view

A room with a view from the SouthWiRED conference.

Last week, three c21er’s (Telleen, Lauren and Meigan) attended SouthWiRED at Atlantic Station. Formally known as Digital Atlanta and now in its fifth year, SouthWiRED is described as “one of the Southeast’s largest and longest-running digital conferences starring the country’s top innovators and fueled by a killer agenda of top-notch content, unparalleled networking and cross collaboration.”

SouthWiRED signFor five days, more than 200 conference participants attended sessions taught by industry leaders from entertainment to finance on topics including social media content, social media advertising, analytics, user experience, video marketing and more!

Meigan said, “To me, their tagline was the best description – Five Days. Lightbulb Moments. Sometimes we left sessions with a confirmation that c21 provides cutting-edge concepts to our clients, and other times we had fantastic ‘lightbulb moments’ on how we can enhance the services we already provide.”

Next week, the team will share some of their favorite takeaways from the conference.


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