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The SouthWiRED Experience – by Meigan Brennaman

*In our last installment of The SouthWiRED Experience, Meigan Brennaman shares her highlights from the conference.

Moving Pictures, Moving Minds: How Video Marketing Wins Fans – Presented by Jon Milavec, Mixed Bag Media

Since c21 has recently upgraded our video technology and in-house capabilities, this session was on the top of my list as a must-see. Why video marketing? Well, it can be challenging to describe a company, product or services clearly and succinctly in writing, and even more difficult to convey the larger message of why an organization matters to their customers.

video image

Video is a great tool to tell a compelling story. You’ve probably heard the old adage – a picture is worth 1,000 words. However, if a picture is worth 1,000 words then a video is worth 1,000,000.

This SouthWiRED session reviewed the key questions to ask yourself when considering creating a video: What do you get for your money? How do I tell a compelling story that can win new fans and customers?

One stat shared in the presentation has stayed with me since I attended SouthWiRED: “80% of people will watch a video, and 60% of those people will then share them.”

With that kind of response, you’d be crazy to not consider how video can become part of your marketing mix. We are definitely seeing more of our clients ask for and use video, and we’re excited to grow our in-house video production services!
And, of course, it’s fitting that the video expert would be the one to video his presentation – so you too can take advantage of Jon’s experience. Click here to watch his SouthWiRED session.

-Meigan Brennaman, c21
Were you at SouthWiRED – what were your ‘lightbulb moments’?